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Every match is a fight against your own limits. Learn from the best.

Every defeat is an oportunity to learn and develop your skills but try not to learn too often.



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Who am i?

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Once upon a time in a faraway land, on a small farm in the suburbs of Tiblisi, in a big soviet home which, we called home, at the small and proud but occupied country called Georgia born Elizbar Ubilava. A kid with a humble beginning but a bright future ahead of him…

As a chess player, everything started like any other sunday evening, very soon. My father come back home as usual with the newspaper under an arm and with something new under the other. My sisters and I excited, gathered around the kitchen table when my father paciently discover for us that game which would change my life forever…

coach GM Elizbar Ubilava versus Alvis in 1979 International Chess Championship

With 13 years old, after a challenging training session, my coach came and offer me a seat in a simultaneous game with the world champion Mijaíl Botvínnik. Shocked by the news but excited, I didn’t think about the hour. The times goes by without even noticing and my parents panic at every tic of the needle that the old family cuckoo clock pointed out.

Finally a came back home and my furious parents recieved me without the chance of explaining myself and just the clear order to go to bed immediately.

The next morning everything change when they discover in the newpaper that i win that match against the world champion.

Artboard 1
Partida Jaime-Santos contra entrenador Elizbar Ubilava Torneo-Linares 2013

As a coach, the story was really natural. For those who may not know, in the old Soviet Union, they usually formed national chess camps with the best chess players and the greatest promises. So after winning a big tournament a great coach approached and invited me to one of those camps. One of the things that you learned soon was the vital importance of analysing and act as a coach for other players.

who had i trained?

Great Talent is nothing without work

Anatoly Karpov

Max ELO 2780

world champion

I 1975-1985 I 1993 - 1999 I

16 Years as the Best Chess Player

Shah Mamedyarov

Max ELO 2820

2 Junior world champion

I 2003 I 2005 I

Best Azerbaijan Player & 8th Player World Rank

& much more...


Match Analysis, news & lessons in my blog

why i need a coach?

Experience & Software analiysis = step up your chess game

On the board we have 400 options after the 1st movement, with the 2nd 197,742 possibilities are opened, in the 3rd movement, it leaves us 121 million. The analysis, the strategy, and the mathematical calculations are the strategic territory on which to evolve your level of play but make no mistake, it is the emotions, the psychological warfare that amounts to chess from a game to art, the poetry of confrontation between 2 intellects.

GM Elizbar Ubilava contra Alvis en 1979 campeonato internacional
Artboard 1
Elizbar Ubilava training young chess players in his academy in Madrid

For all this, there will always be an innate talent within each player.

But talent is not worth it by itself, work is what makes the difference, establishes the balance.

Work on technical preparation, study the great champions, and don’t forget that it is a psychological fight. Learn from your emotions, analyze and intimidate your opponent.

The balance between talent and preparation builds the shadow of a champion.

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